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The Rock is committed to the mission of bringing Christ’s love and hope to children and families through compassionate ministry. We accomplish this first by providing for Spiritual needs, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, as well as meeting physical needs and building relationships.

Christ Centered Ministry

Jesus and the truth of the Bible are central to everything we teach and do at The Rock. True change can only take place through a relationship with Christ. The love of Jesus brings hope, joy, and peace to the lives of everyone who believes in Him. We have experienced His love first hand and want to follow His calling to share the Gospel with others.

Family Focused Ministry

We believe in the importance of families, and that the Love of Christ is experienced most within a loving family. Whether you are a traditional family, broken family, or do not have a family, there is a place for you in the family of God, and you are invited to join our family as we follow Him. We exist to glorify Christ by serving families with a focus on children and teens.


Compassionate Ministry

We seek to live and act compassionately in the world following the example of Christ’s ministry on earth and seek to be witnesses of the love and compassion He has for the world. Often times, it’s not the fault of the children and families that they are living in difficult circumstances. The Rock Ministry is here to provide love, support, education, food, clothing, and anything else we can to those we serve, in Jesus name.

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