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What We Do

The Rock is committed to the mission of bringing Christ’s love and hope to children and families through compassionate ministry. We accomplish this first by providing for Spiritual needs, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, as well as meeting physical needs and building relationships.

Family Church Services

Since 1997, Family church has been at the center of our ministry and served as the foundation that the Rock is built upon. We come together each week to teach the bible to families in a way that is both exciting and understandable. Skits, puppets, music, storytelling, games, and live teaching all make up a part of our service. Themes like the love of God, who Jesus is, and the Ten Commandments are taught. Meeting in 4 locations, over 400 children call “Rock Church” their home church and bring their friends and families each week! Many families become a part of this ministry together as the parents begin to see the change in their children and themselves and desire to give back and reach more people for Christ.


​The most important thing we do, aside from prayer, that makes the biggest difference in the lives of children and families is visitation. Every other week, our staff goes out and visits the children and their families.  This gives us an inside look at the needs in the specific communities we serve which enables us to respond uniquely with the Love of Christ. We have seen a direct link between visitation and growth both in the numbers of children and families who are a part of The Rock as well as Spiritual growth of our staff and those we serve. In many ways, the commitment to visitation is what makes The Rock unique and sets us apart from most ministries.


For many families in New England having enough food is a challenge, especially when the children are not in school on weekends. We serve a warm, healthy meal for everyone in each location every week. For many, this is the best meal they will get all week. We enjoy the meal together, family style. We are also able to respond with much needed food for families during the holidays. Most importantly, through our visitation, we are able to indentify food security issues in the home and deliver food to families in need.

Rock the Streets

Rock the Streets is a sidewalk Sunday School ministry. We do not believe that staying inside the church is what Jesus would have us do, so we go into the streets and parks with the Gospel, and also plays games with the kids and gives away food and clothing to families. A full streetside church service takes place at the end of the day for many to hear the Gospel. 


At Christmas, The Rock delivers gifts to every child who is a part of the ministry. For some, it may be the only gift they get that year. For most, it is the only reminder that Christmas is all about Christ and becomes the expression of His love through our staff who delivers the gift with the message of Hope in Jesus. 

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